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Diet, medicinal clay and large doses of a histamine-1 receptor blocker does reduce body odor in the bromhidrosis with elevated TSH type drastically

In an explorative case with strong sweaty body odor, normally associated with 'apocrine' bromhidrosis, the odor emission reduces drastically after two weeks of large doses of loratadin (>50mg daily)

During that period a diet was in place:
- exlusion of high histidine foods
- exclusion of sugar holding foods
- meals did contain only proteins or carbohydrates but no mixture of both

During that period following supplements were taken:
- Vitamine C (1000mg)
- Medicinal clay especially for histamine intolerance


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Bromhidrosis TSH+: Diet protocol + nystatin, nigella sativa + h1 receptor antagonists + medicinal clay improves body odor condition

In our explorative case we were further able to improve the diet protocol as well as finding a new drug/supplement  composition.We are taking advantage of following over the counter drugs/supplements:- Nystatin
- Nigella sativa (black cumin) capsules
- H1 receptor antagonists (loratadin)
- medicinal clayThe diet protocol was taken from: (daily) applied were like the following:nystatin: 6x pills (3x at morning, 3x at evening)
nigella sativa: >10000mg (5x 400mg capsules before every meal, 5 meals per day)
loratadin: 50mg - 100mg daily
medicinal clay: 6x 6g (luvos healing earth)