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Bromhidrosis TSH+: Diet protocol + nystatin, nigella sativa + h1 receptor antagonists + medicinal clay improves body odor condition

In our explorative case we were further able to improve the diet protocol as well as finding a new drug/supplement  composition.

We are taking advantage of following over the counter drugs/supplements:

- Nystatin
- Nigella sativa (black cumin) capsules
- H1 receptor antagonists (loratadin)
- medicinal clay

The diet protocol was taken from:

Dosages (daily) applied were like the following:

nystatin: 6x pills (3x at morning, 3x at evening)
nigella sativa: >10000mg (5x 400mg capsules before every meal, 5 meals per day)
loratadin: 50mg - 100mg daily
medicinal clay: 6x 6g (luvos healing earth)


  1. Sounds interesting, but I'm curious about the scientific rationale behind the combination of these drugs and supplements. How did it work?

  2. Thank you so much for the research!

  3. Are you guys still working on this? Haven't heard from Danny in a long time. Hope he's ok .


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