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Body odor isn't that something normal?

A lot of people do misunderstand the impact that body odor diseases have. So how does a visual comparison look like?

Histamine has a strong impact on tight junction regulation of intestinal cells

In previous posts was mentioned that the fecal body odor seems to be related histamine degradation deficiency. What impact does that have? It looks like histamine concentrations are highly important for the tight junction regulation of intestinal cells. The tight junctions are important for the direct paracellular transport of electrolytes into the blood without transition through the intestinal cell metabolism. Increased open tight junctions will further lead to an increased surface area of the intestinal cells and are as a result a strong regulator of passing amines and their level of being processed. One of the regulation relevant receptor for the tight junctions is the H1 receptor. When mast cells e.g. get active they release histamine to open those tight junctions. So a relation to food allergies as a initial trigger seems to be a possible factor with an upfollowing malregulation of the histamine concentrations. The malregulation would be based on the increased histamine level