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Glutamine and Quercetin as further drug candidates

Metabolic flux alignments showed first indications that the ammonia production might be reduced in some bromhidrosis cases. This might leed to fast glutamine drainage in intestinal cells. As a result glutamine supplementation might help ameliorating the low levels of glutamine and the reduced antioxidative effects in the cells. A test with CACO2 test cells from the collegues from the alcoholism research showed promising results with glutamine as well. A further supportive candidate is quercetine which is an antioxidant and a propsed inhibitor of the protein kinase which is related to the cAMP signaling. The cAMP signaling might be overactive in the same bromhidrosis cases. The cAMP signaling is calcium and Vitamine D dependent, in the form that calcium and Vitamine D do further overactivate the cAMP signaling, which might have negative impacts.